Series 1 (2013):

  1. Home Alone
  2. Liberty in the Dumping Ground
  3. Baby
  4. S.O.S.
  5. What Would Gus Want?
  6. The Real Faith Davis
  7. The Truth Is Out There
  8. Dreamland
  9. A Day in the Past
  10. Oh, Mo!
  11. Seriously Funny
  12. Esme
  13. Scary Beasts

Series 2 (2014):

Jody in Wonderland

  1. Kick Off
  2. Quitters
  3. The Dumping Ground Experience
  4. The Barbecue
  5. Finding Frank
  6. Holding On
  7. Endurance
  8. I Have a Dream
  9. Sticks and Stones
  10. The Funeral
  11. Goodbye Carmen
  12. A Boy Named Neil
  13. Liam

Series 3 (2015):

Series 3 will be written by Emma Reeves (the opening scripts), head writer Elly Brewer and new writer Matt Leyes. It will air in 2015.

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