Season 2 of the Dumping Ground commenced with a Christmas special on 16 December 2013, with a full season airing from 10 January to 28 March 2014. It was also complemented with bonus scenes and a series of webisodes released on the same day a new episode was broadcast via the CBBC website.

The season introduced new characters in the form of May-Li Wang, a new careworker replacing Gina, Bailey Wharton, a young boy with aspirations of becoming a footballer, and Kazima, a refugee from Africa. The series also featured the return of Richard Wisker as Liam O'Donovan for the webisodes and the season finale.

Kay Purcell (Gina) and Jessica Revell (Elektra) did not return for the season. The series also featured the departures of Jessie Williams as Lily Kettle and Chris Slater as Frank Matthews, as well as the final appearances of Leanne Dunstan as Faith Davis and Daniel Pearson as Rick Barber.


Christmas Special. Jody in Wonderland
  1. Kick Off
  2. Quitters
  3. The Dumping Ground Experience
  4. The Barbecue
  5. Finding Frank
  6. Holding On
  7. Endurance
  8. I Have a Dream
  9. Sticks and Stones
  10. GI Johnny
  11. Be My Girl
  12. Hope 
    Special: Liam's Story
  13. Face The Music



  • In the theme tune, the cartoon characters remained as they were in series one.