Season 3 of The Dumping Ground was filmed from 16th June 2014 until 10th November 2014. Unlike previous seasons, the series was split into two halves of 10 episodes each. The first half commenced airing on 16th January 2015 (a week later in January compared to the previous two series had commenced airing in that month) and finished airing on 13th March 2015 where it took a break over the summer. The second half, originally intended to commence airing in September, began airing on 6th October 2015 and finished airing on 8th December 2015. Beginning with the second half of the series, the program moved from airing on Fridays to Tuesdays.

The first half of the season introduced new characters in the form of Ryan, a boy who on the outside appears to be nice but has ulterior motives, Toni and Billie, a pair of twins, Finn, a boy with Down's Syndrome and a dog named Mischief. The second half of the season introduced a girl called Sasha, who has dwarfism.

Daniel Pearson (Rick) did not return for the season, while Leanne Dunstan (Faith) and Christopher John-Slater (Frank) were given guest appearances in one episode, the former's departure explained by having left for university, while the latter had been given a send-off in the previous season's finale. The first half of the season also featured the final appearance of Joe Maw as Johnny Taylor, whose character left to join the army.

Bridging the gap in-between the season halves were a series of web videos named The Dumping Ground Dish Up, which featured the surprise return of Sapphire, Elektra, Lily, Frank and Johnny cooking meals.


Series 3A

  1. Party Games (Law & Disorder, Part 1)
  2. Grand Theft DG (Law & Disorder, Part 2)
  3. Stuck With You
  4. Mischief
  5. Now You See Me
  6. It's Not About the Money
  7. Fake it to Make it
  8. Breaking In
  9. The Long Way Home
  10. Dragon Slayer

Series 3B

  1. Three Days (The New Girl, Part 1)
  2. Free to Good Home (The New Girl, Part 2)
  3. Better Than You
  4. Who Are You?
  5. Where is Love?
  6. Goodbye Girl
  7. Something Borrowed
  8. What Matters?
  9. Coming Round
  10. Refuge