Series 4 of The Dumping Ground was filmed from 24th May 2015 until 12th November 2015. As with the previous series, this series will be split into two halves of 10 episodes each. Returning to being broadcast on Fridays, the first half commenced airing on 29th January 2016 and finished airing on 12th March 2016. The second half commenced airing on 30th September 2016 and finished airing on 2nd December 2016.

The main cast of Season 3B returned for this series. The first half of the season introduced Chloe, Ryan's wheelchair-bound sister, who's existence had previously been revealed in the later half of season 3, who became a regular character in the season's second half. The second half also introduced us to Sammy, who had to stay at Ashdene Ridge because his mother was in hospital, Joseph and Archie, both of whom little is known about. The second half also featured the departures of Phillip Graham Scott as Harry, Mia McKenna-Bruce as Tee and Amy-Leigh Hickman as Carmen, as well as the final appearance of Reece Buttery as Mo.





Series 4A

No. in Series No. Overall Image Title Airdate
1 48 "Lost and Found" January 29, 2016
2 49 "Bear-Faced Liar" January 29, 2016
3 50 "Stepping Up" February 5, 2016
4 51 "They Walk Among Us" February 12, 2016
5 52 "Hold the Front Page" February 19, 2016
6 53 "Growing Pains" February 26, 2016
7 54 "Submarine" March 4, 2016
8 55 "First Past the Post" March 11, 2016
9 56 "Survivors" March 18, 2016
10 57 "The End of It All" March 25, 2016

Series 4B

No. in Series No. Overall Image Title Airdate
11 58 "Perfect Match" September 30, 2016
12 59 "Doris" October 7, 2016
13 60 "Risky Business" October 14, 2016
14 61 "Troll" October 21, 2017
15 62 "It Takes Two" October 28, 2016
16 63 "Getting to Know You" November 4, 2016
Tyler is delighted at the prospect of a new future with his mum - but, after years apart, they have a lot to learn about each other.
17 64 "Two Camps" November 11, 2016
The DG residents are excited about the prospect of going camping, so why is Ryan so anxious to sabotage it?
18 65 "How to Be Perfect" November 18, 2016
The Dumping Ground descends into chaos and Kazima is left with a tough decision to make.
19 66 "One For Sorrow" November 25, 2016
Things start disappearing on Carmen and Tee's last day at the Dumping Ground. Some of the residents decide to track down the thief.
20 67 "Two For Joy" December 2, 2016
Jody finds out that following your heart can lead to danger - will her friends be able to save her? Meanwhile, Ryan confesses his darkest secret.