The Dumping Ground Dish Up

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The Dumping Ground Dish Up was a series of videos released on the CBBC website as part of the programme CBBC Dish Up over the summer during the break in-between the two halves of season 3. The videos featured characters who had left the Dumping Ground cooking their favourite recipes.

The premise of the videos revolved around Lily, now studying at a catering college, doing a project on healthy eating and having invited a number of her friends who had left the Dumping Ground to assist her - namely Sapphire, Elektra, Frank and Johnny. The videos involved the group writing down their favourite recipes, then having someone else draw them out of a hat and have that person cook the recipe.


  1. Sapphire's Stir Fry
  2. Frank's Meatballs
  3. Elektra's Fruit Kebabs
  4. Johnny's Breakfast Omelette
  5. Lily's Fish Fingers