The End!
Series 01, Episode 26
Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 09.45.59
Director David Skynner
Writer Elly Brewer
Air Date 21 August 2002
Previous Miss You!
Next Back & Bad

The End! is the twenty sixth and last episode of the first series of the CBBC series "Story of Tracy Beaker" which was first broadcast on 8 October 2002.


Cam has to buy a new flat. When Tracy finds out, she's desperate to help make sure there will be a good bedroom for her.

Cam still won't agree to fostering Tracy and the two get into a huge row. Eventually the row is resolved and Cam asks Tracy to move in with her. Tracy agrees, packs straight away and has a lovely goodbye from all the staff and children.


  • Final appearances of Zac, Ryan, Maxy (seen again in a photo in Back & Bad and Supernatural Shelley), Peter (seen in photo in Supernatural Shelley) and Mike (though the later will return in season 5).
  • This is the first time Tracy breaks the fourth wall. This is the only time she does it in the original series and will not do it again until Tracy Beaker Returns (coincidentally, that episode was its first season's finale).
  • The DVDs distributed by Entertainment Rights slice off the bit where Tracy turns to the camera and breaks the fourth wall. Instead, at the end of the cartoon animation where she floats off into the sunset with Cam, she chuckles and asks "Or do they?"


  • In the scene where Maxy asks Jenny if he can wee on a lamp post, when the camera cuts to zoom on his face, Maxy's head jumps to being cocked to his left without him moving it.
  • When the completed mural is show, Peter is shown to be on it even though he has already left the Dumping Ground.
  • Peter and Mike are both inexplicably shown to be at Tracy's farewell, even though they have both left the Dumping Ground. (The fact that Peter is present would explain how he got to appear on the mural, but it does not explain what he was doing at the DG to begin with. He may have been visitng, in the same way we saw Louise make visits in season 3.)

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