The Long Way Home
Series 3, Episode 9
The Long Way Home
Air date 06/03/15
Written by Matthew Leys
Directed by Nigel Douglas
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The Long Way Home is the ninth episode of the third season of The Dumping Ground.


After Ryan sends Harry a "Happy Birthday" message by text, he receives a reply saying "Help". Tracking Harry down to his foster home, Ryan discovers something is wrong and takes matters into his own hands to rescue Harry.

Deleted Scenes

A few scenes were deleted from the broadcast episode:

  • A longer scene of the young people in the lounge reacting to Tyler's attempts to play the trombone.
  • A scene where the young people enter the front door having with musical instruments they picked up from Tyler's skip.
  • A scene where Kazima shows Tyler how to play the trombone properly.
  • May-Li, Harry, Finn and Ryan inside the kitchen where May-Li passes Harry and Finn the sandwiches and Finn begins talking about his experience at his foster home.


  • Mike calls Floss "Marie Antoinette" as well as quoting the phrase associated with her "Let them eat cake".
  • The surnames of a number of the young people can be seen when Ryan looks through the files.
  • According to Tee's file, she and Johnny were taken into care in 2004.
  • Harry turns 9 in this episode.
  • According to Harry's file, he was taken into care during 2009.
  • Whilst helping Carmen with her homework, Tee mentions actor Brad Pitt.
  • After the episode's first broadcast, a trailer for the following episode was shown (although subsequent broadcasts of the trailer omitted the announcer giving the episode's name, "Dragon Slayer").
  • While Ryan was only seen reading Tee and Harry's files, given that he opened the files on the other young people, it is possible that he read the files of the other young people. This would explain, for instance, how he knew about Jody's family being put in prison in Coming Round or Kazima's past as a pickpocket in Refuge.


  • When Ryan types the password on the computer, there is one dot too many.
  • Toni and Billie don't have a file on Mike's computer.
  • Kazima's last name is given as "Durrani" instead of "Tako" on Mike's computer.
  • When Ryan is reading Tee's file, look carefully and you can see the word "neighbours" spelt in the American manner (without the "u").
  • When Ryan is reading Harry's file, someone typed "an" instead of "and", and the word "resident" is spelt "residnet".
  • When the kids are in the lounge (before Ryan goes to Harry's house), Tee says something that the subtitles type up as "You have to use the most common", when she was actually saying, "You have to use BIDMAS, Carmen".
  • When Ryan takes Floss's birthday card off her, when the camera goes to close up, the angle Floss is holding the envelope changes. Also, in the wide shot, May-Li is looking through the window from the office to the lounge, but is looking at the computer monitor without turning her head in the close up.
  • After Carmen identifies Tyler's instrument as a trombone, the subtitles still call it a "trumpet" on a couple of occassions.
  • Mike says that all of the files on the computer except one have been opened. However, when he says this, Tyler's file was shown to be closed in addition to Ryan's.
  • On Tee's file, it says she was taken into care when she was 5 in 2004. This cannot be true when Tee was born in 2000, this episode takes place in 2014, and depending on what time of the year it is, she would be 3 or 4.
  • When Adam catches up with the boys in his car, when Harry runs back for Finn he is wearing a black coat. When the camera changes angles, the coat is suddenly falling off Harry.
  • Kia Pegg (Jody Jackson) is credited despite not being in the episode.


Mo (referring to Tyler's "music", from a deleted scene): Is someone strangling a walrus?



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