The Phantom of Ashdene Ridge was the 15th episode of the fifth season of The Dumping Ground. It was first broadcast at 5:00pm on 27th October 2017 at 5:00pm on CBBC and CBBC HD.


It is Halloween, and some spooky things happen at the Dumping Ground. Does it have anything to do with the new care worker?


  • This is the second episode to end with a cartoon animation (after The Wardrobe) and the first to open with one.
  • While there have been previous episodes focused around spooks and scares that have been repeated around Halloween time, this is the first episode in the Tracy Beaker franchise about Halloween.


  • It is unclear how Chloe, who is wheelchair bound, got up to the upstairs floor of Ashdene Ridge without using the stairs.
  • Somehow, a "secret attic" just appears from no where.