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The Story of Tracy Beaker
Story of Tracy Beaker titles
The title sequence for "The Story of Tracy Beaker"
Also known as Tracy Beaker
Genre Comedy-drama
Format Children's comedy-drama
Created by Jacqueline Wilson
Starring Dani Harmer

Montanna Thompson
Lisa Coleman
Nisha Nayar
Sharlene Whyte (2002-03)
Connor Bryne (2002, 2005-06)
Clive Rowe (2002-05)
Nicola Reynolds (2004, 2006)
Chelsie Padley(2002-05)
Rochelle Gadd (2002-03, 2005)
Luke Youngblood(2002-03)
Ben Hanson (2003-06)
Ciaran Joyce (2003-06)
Chloe Hibbert Waters (2003-04)
Alicia Hooper (2003,05)
Kristal Lau(2004-05)
Jack Edwards (2004-06)
Darragh Mortell (2004-06)
Abby Rakic-Platt (2004-06)
Cara Readle(2004-06)
Vincenzo Pellegrino (2005)
Sophie Borja (2005-06)
Craig Roberts (2005-06)
Olivia Grant (2006)
Holly Gibbs (2006)
Georgina Hagen (2006)

Opening theme "Watcha Gonna Do/Someday" sung by Keisha White.
Ending theme "Watcha Gonna Do/Someday" sung by Keisha White.
Country of origin United Kingdom
Language(s) English
No. of series 5
No. of episodes 126 (List of episodes)
Alex Hammet
Location(s) Elm Tree House (fictional)
Stowey House (fictional)
Cliffside (fictional)
Running time 15 minutes
70 minutes (flim)
Distributor CBBC
Original channel CBBC (orginial channel)
First shown in 8 July 2002 – 5 March 2006
Original run 8 July 2002 – 5 March 2006
Status Defunct
Followed by Tracy Beaker Returns

The Story of Tracy Beaker is a television programme adapted from the book of the same name by Jacqueline Wilson. Its sequel Tracy Beaker Returns started in 2010.It ran on CBBC for five series, from 2002 to 2006 and also contained a feature length episode, Tracy Beaker's Movie of Me, broadcast in 2004, as well as a week of interactive episodes for Children in Need, entitled Tracy Beaker Parties with Pudsey, which were also crossovers with other shows from CBBC.The episodes themselves intersperse live action with cartoon sequences drawn by Nick Sharratt depicting Tracy's inner thoughts and, from series 3 onwards, the thoughts of other characters. Initially these cartoons would often be followed by a more realistic interpretation of what happened, but this was discontinued after the first series. The theme song was written and performed by Keisha White.In March 2009, the BBC announced that actress Dani Harmer would reprise the role of Tracy Beaker in a new series consisting of 13 episodes in which she would become a careworker at her former care home - this appears on TV as Tracy Beaker Returns. All of the five series have been released on DVD.


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The series is the story of various children in a British carehome, told through its lead, Tracy Beaker. In the first three series, Tracy lived at the carehome and the stories revolved around her desire to leave the home, nicknamed by the kids as 'The Dumping Ground'. By the start of the fourth series, Tracy has been fostered by author Cam Lawson; the events of this are depicted in The Movie of Me. Because of this, the focus of the programme shifts slightly with the plots now focusing on Cam and Tracy's relationship, while back at 'The Dumping Ground', characters such as Jackie, Crash, Lol and Bouncer have been taking over Tracy's narrative role there. With the fostering of the series' primary antagonist, Tracy's worst enemy, Justine Littlewood, a new family called "The Wellards" are introduced to the home. Tracy's role is reduced further in the final series, notably she does not debut in person until episode 4, with the main narrative being the return of Justine to the 'Dumping Ground'. However when Tracy does return, she moves back into the children's home because of Cam's new boyfriend, Gary. Gary and Cam marry, which Tracy is initially hostile to, before adopting Tracy full-time. This closes the original series.


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Main Cast

  • Tracy Beaker (Dani Harmer) is the twelve-year old protagonist. Despite being in care, she is a determined child with a high temper and attempts desperately to get what she wants by either: screaming, shouting or annoying people. Throughout the show, she is fostered by struggling author, Cam Lawson. She doesn't get along with any of the residents of Elm Tree House, except for Adele Azupadi and Peter Ingham however she can't stand Justine Littlewood and can no longer trust, Louise Goven, as she left her as a friend for Justine. Before going to The Dumping Ground, she was fostered sereval times and was put into care since her mother couldn't take care of her as she gave birth to her as a teenager.
  • Fiery-tempered, enemy of Tracy Beaker, best friend of Louise Goven and antagonist of the series - Justine Littlewood (Montana Thompson) is a girl, who is very harsh to any one who is rather vulnerable or angry in the Elm Tree House, to hide her real emotions. She is seen taunting Tracy Beaker and her friend Peter Ingham. Although close to her father, she remains contacting him very little. Perhaps, her mother has died so her dad was too upset to take care of her, like the Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground character, Lily Kettle.
  • Peter Ingham (Joe Starrs) is a boy in care who has a major crush on Tracy, that she realizes later on the book series. Tracy often describes Peter as 'weedy little Peter Ingham. He likes to be nice to everyone in Elm Tree House, including Justine. Unfortunately, he was put in care because his parents died and so did his grandma. Despite having a tough time, he is prepared to be nice to everyone he meets.
  • Adele Azupadi (Rochelle Gadd) is teenager in care. She is a good friend of Tracy Beaker and Tracy is often too clingy with her. Unfortunately, she only has appeared in series one and series two. In Series Two, she begins in a bedsit before moving back to the Dumping Ground.
  • Louise Goven (Chelsie Padley) known for her blonde, highlighted with streaks of ginger (stawberry blonde), glistening hair is the former friend of Tracy Beaker, now friends with Justine Littlewood, who controls her. She appears generally nice and defenceless as she lets Justine control her, as she doesn't have any other friends. Tracy envies her and wishes she looked like her.
  • Ryan Matthews (Sonny Muslim) is older, more dominant twin of Zac Matthews. He appears in speak in a cockey dialect, unlike his younger twin. Like his twin, he is interested in judo. As of series 2, he and his twin have been kicked off the show, possibly he was fostered.
  • Zac Matthews (Jay Haher) is the younger twin of Ryan Matthews.They shared a room in the first series, with Zac residing on the bottom bunk of their bed. An avid martial arts fan, he also likes vampires and owned a family of dolls, which he later sold. Apparently, he seems to dislike his brother's overprotective tendinces.
  • Maxy (Jerome Holder) is a kid in care who is close friends with Peter Ingham. Throughout the series, he is shown to be an extremely cheeky and likes to mess with the Careworkers. Later on, he begins helping Duke cook as he loves licking the cake mixtures.
  • Laurence "Lol" Plakova  (Ciaran Joyce) is the younger brother of BouncerHe is very mischievous and loves junk food. He is a year older than TracyLol may be a replacement for Ryan a character in series 1. Unlike his brother, he is very irresponsible.
  • Bradley "Bouncer" Plakova (Ben Hanson) is the older of LolHe is then a trainee chef. He goes to a Half Way house at the end of series 4. He later returns to work as a chef in the Dumping ground. In series 3 he also works for a short time at a cake store. He is a nice caring person. He is very protective of his brother Lol and always supports him he is also sometimes protective of Hayley, Layla, Jackie and Alice and is like a big brother to them.
  • Dolly (Chole Hibbert-Waters is a small, cute and hyper girl who likes to be with Tracy in the children's home . She sees Tracy as her hero and even made a club about her in Series Three. She was fostered in the middle of series 3.She is easily bribed for sweets by Amber in one episode.
  • Amber Hearst (Alicia Hooper) is an elder girl who has a bad attitude and is bad- tempered towards most people.  She is a bad influence and considers herself a rebel and non conformist.
  • Marco Maloney (Jack Edwards is a boy who likes to wear costumes and dress-up. He always tries to wear new and original costumes. He is best friends with Milly and gets fostered with Milly by the Boxer family.
  • Hayley (Kristal Lau) is a quiet girl who is best friends with Layla. She gets Fostered in Season 4. She is always seen holding her teddy. Hayley is Quiet, sweet and an adorable girl who get's annoyed when people ignore her.
  • Micheal Grys (Willam Tomlin), a snitch and bully, instantly made himself unpopular and a rival to Crash, in series 3.  He starts the series snitched on the older kids and bullying the younger children. Later on in the series, he is revealed to  have a brother who escaped from his carehome.
  • Liam "Crash" Daniels (Darragh Montell)  is an agressive teenage boy who is close friends with Jackie, Tracy and Justine. Apparently, he inherits his anger issues from his father. Throughout the series, he has a crush on Justine at different points.
  • Jackie Hopper (Abby Rakic-Platt) is the best friend of Crash and Tracy and is a trainee athlete. Constantly, she remains calm, peaceful and thoughtful. Throughout the series, she meets her grandfather on many occasions and is devastated when he dies.
  • Layla (Cara Readle) is  a younger girl who has Cerebral Palsy and is friends with Hayley, until she leaves, and then becomes friends with Alice and also gets along well with Bouncer. She is an eager and caring person, who is quick to get upset. 
  • Roxy Wellard (Sophie Borja-Edwards) is the youngest of The Wellard Family and often shown to be the "brains" of the family and doesn't get along with others at all. Throughout the series, she is shown wearing black making her a sterotypical goth. However, she is occasionally nice to the residents of Elm Tree House.
  • Rio Wellard (Craig Roberts) is the middle child of  The Wellard Family and is somewhat the least intelligent of the family often listening to what Roxy has to say.
  • Chantal Wellard (Deepal Parmar) is the eldest child of The Wellard FamilyThey are her half-siblings from the same mother and another father, but they always call each-other brother or sister, even when fighting. She is also very protective over her siblings.
  • Shawn "Wolfie" Lynch (Felix Drake)   is a boy with rich parents who likes to live roughly because he has a fear of being trapped. He got his nickname from the Dumping Ground kids, who heard rumours that he was bought up in the wild by wolves. Wolfie thinks the rumour is funny, so he doesn't bother denying it. He can't sleep in a bed and hates being locked up.
  • Milly Saunders (Holly Gibbs is very shy and chooses not to talk. She speaks only twice on screen in the whole of her stay at the Dumping Ground (One of which was in Tracy's dream). Milly is best friends with Marco. She is eventually fostered with Marco.
  • Rebecca Chalmers (Georgina Hagen) is Justine's key rival, except for Tracy and was bullying JustineShe has a younger half brother named Jake, whom she does not see. Rebecca is a girl who cares a lot about what she looks like.
  • Alice (Oliva Grant) is a young girl, who is introduced in series five, and believes faires are real.She thinks Roxy Wellard is her best friend and likes to see the good in everyone.

Reccuring Cast

  • Camilla "Cam" Lawson  (Lisa Colemanis a middle-aged struggling author who later becomes Tracy's foster mother when she meets her at Elm Tree House. She is an inspriation to Tracy, who desperately wants to become an author. Throughout, the books she appears to like simple things in life and has a small apartment. Cam has taken a liking to Tracy, as she is fiercely independent and aspires to be an author like her.
  • Micheal "Mike" Milligan (Connor Byrne) is the head careworker at Elm Tree House and Tracy considers him to be her strongest father figure. Mike has been an assistant care worker at the Dumping Ground since Tracy was very small and cares very much for all of the children, even once taking the blame for when Tracy smashed a window with a football. He is usually the one who lets the kids off lightly when they get into mischief, which makes him one of the more lighthearted members of staff.
  • Elaine Boyack (Nisha Nayer) also known as Elaine the Pain is  Tracy's social worker and tries to deal with her emotional breakthroughs. Although, she means well she appears annoying to the kids at Elm Tree House.
  • Norman "Duke" (Clive Rowe).is a care-worker and also the Dumping Ground's chef where Tracy lives. In series 4 he retired to be with his family. He is loved by all the kids and the other careworkers.
  • Shelley Appleton (Nicola Reynolds)  is the head Care worker of the children's home from series three of Story of Tracy Beaker onwards. She has a cool, collected and confident attitude, but ultimately has a huge affection for all the kids. In series 3, it is mentioned that she cared for her dad as a child, because he had Alzheimer's disease.
  • Nathan Jones (James Cartwrightis a real care worker in ,Story of Tracy Beaker, starting in series 2 and becomes a permanent member of staff from the end of series 2 to the end of series 3. Although he has been accused by his co-workers as well as some of the other children of being unprofessional, his 'childlike' manner allows the residents to trust him. Unfortunately, his behaviour also causes trouble and unintentionally hurts the residents' feelings.
  • Sid Rooney (Vincenzo PellegrinoSid is the Head care worker in series 4. Lol and Bouncer like to wind him up. Sid isn't seen or mentioned in series 5 and it is not mentioned where he went.
  • Benjamin Oliver "Ben" Batambuze (Luke Youngbloodis a boy with a rich background, he is friendly,outgoing and best friends with Tracy, however,he doesn't live in the Dumping Ground. At the start of Series 3 it was revealed that he left to go to boarding school, but he does appear in a photo halfway through the series.
  • Steven Samuel 'Steve' Littlewood  (Stephen Crossley)  is the father of Justine Littlewood, wife to sarah littlewood. Since his wife died, he has been very protective over Justine. During the television series he and Justine have a very 'bumpy' relationship, as after Carrie and Steve take Justine home, she comes back at the DG, as her cousin is taking Justine's room.
  • Carrie Littlewood (Caroline Bunce) is the girlfriend and later wife of Steve Littlewood.
  • Grandpa Jack (Howell Evans) is the altheic grandfather of Jackie who Jackie adores, but sadly, in series 4 he dies.


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The Story of Tracy Beaker ran from on CBBC from the 8th of July 2002 – 5th of March 2006. The show consisted of 120 episodes + 5 specials over a total of five seasons.

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale Prod. line
1 26 8th July 2002 14 October 2002 1xx
2 26 10th July 2003 1 October 2003 2xx
3 26 12th February 2004 7 May 2004 3xx
4 22 3rd July 2004 11 September 2004 4xx
5 20 1st January 2006 March 2006 5xx

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