Have a good laugh did you in your fancy house with your posh mum? I hate you, you big fat liar!

–- Tracy to Ben when she finds out Ben doesn't live on the streets.

The Truth is Revealed is the sixth episode of the first series of the CBBC series "Story of Tracy Beaker". It first aired on 5th August 2002 on CBBC.


Justine's dad has given her money to decorate her bedroom. Tracy wants to do the same and is very angry when she is not allowed. She storms out of the house to meet Ben, who shows her his treehouse in the woods. Later, Ben accidentally falls down the tree, and Tracy runs to get Mike to help. Ben gets Mike to take him home, but Tracy is furious when she discovers he's not a 'street kid' as he had told her, but lives in a very grand house with his mum.

Meanwhile, the rest of the house help Justine with her bedroom, much to the annoyance of Adele, who has a school project to complete and is distracted by the noise. The project turns into a fiasco as Justine gets increasingly more demanding, making poor decisions and blaming everyone else. Eventually, everyone stops. However, Adele's project turns out to be about designing a room, and she finishes it off for her.

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