Birth Name: Toby Coleman
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 1999
Age: 12 (TBR S2)[1]
Hair Colour: Ginger
Eye Colour: Turquoise
Skin Colour: Light
Social Worker: Seth (as of TBR S2)
Home: Elm Tree House (formerly)
First Appearance: Tracy Beaker Superstar
Last Appearance: Chain Reaction
Portrayed by: John Bell

Toby Coleman is an original character from the cbbc series Tracey Beaker Returns. He was classed as a main character in the program in series 1 along with the characters Liam O'Donavan, Sapphire Fox and Gus Carmicheal. He left the program in between series 2 and 3.


He ended up in Elmtree house because his parents died in a car crash. 

Personality and Appearance

Toby is a vey polite and kind boy he is from Scotland and loves reading comics and playing computer games he also cares for Harry as his own little brother.

Friendships and Relationships

Gina- Toby and Gina get along great and never argue

Mike- Toby has a good relationship with Mike and they appear to get along well

Tracy- Tracy helps Toby with problems as she discovered his parents died in bad luck boy

Lily- Lily is one of Toby's Closest friends and have a good friendship

Carmen- Toby is quite warm between Carmen but do get along

Johnny- Johnny is Toby's probably and only best friend as they appear to have things in common like Computer Games

Harry- Toby looks after Harry well in the DG

Liam- Liam and Toby are quite close friends

Frank- Toby treats frank no differenly to his Cerebal Palsy

Elektra- Toby and Elektra appear to have a good friendship and never fight

Tee- Toby and Tee are quite close he be's nice to her as she is Johnny's sister.


  1. < This is the age (11) of his debut in TBR s1 and s2 is set a year after s1, making him 12 in s2.

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