Toni Trent
Toni Trent
Birth Name: Toni Trent
Alias(es): Sis
Character type: Main
Gender: Female
Birth Date: 2004
Age: 10
Hair Colour: Light brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Skin Colour: Light
Family Billie Trent, Mr Nibbles, (former rabbit) Mr Trent (picture in Dragon Slayer)
Relationships: Billie Trent (twin sister)
Social Worker: Sarah
Home: Ashdene Ridge
Occupation: Student
First Appearance: Stuck With You
Last Appearance: The Switch
Portrayed by: Nelly Currant

Toni Trent is a character from The Dumping Ground. She is the identical twin sister to Billie.


The Dumping Ground

Toni, and her twin Billie, were taken to live at Ashdene Ridge in the episode Stuck with You. As the room where they were meant to be staying in was filled with boxes and rubbish bags, the girls were temporarily placed in another bedroom, where Floss was hiding underneath the bed. Floss was hiding as she had lost the key to a pair of handcuffs she had fixed to Jody and Carmen, and was afraid of the consequences, so she roped Toni and Billie into collecting belongings from her bedroom, such as Jeff.

Whilst collecting things for Floss, the twins discovered that Johnny had hidden the key in a flowerpot, and Ryan knew of this as well. After the boys left, the twins took the key and showed it to Floss, who told them to hide it somewhere else. The twins went to the dining room to hide it in a bowl of fruit, only for Toni, who was holding the key, to be knocked into by Tyler, causing her to drop the key into a rubbish bag. Consequently the twins both had to go through the rubbish to find the key.

The girls found the key and handed it to Tee. It was decided to not free Jody and Carmen as they appeared to now be getting on and that the girls' reward would be sorted out later. The girls were then going to tell Floss she was safe, only to learn that tea was ready, rush off to the dining room and left Floss under the bed.

In the episode Mischief, Billie and Toni helped Bailey prepare a dog show. This persuaded Mike to let the dog stay.

In the episode What Matters, Toni and Billie

In the episode Stepping up, Toni and her identical twin sister Billie help Mike do DIY around the house. Feeling it reminded her of her mum, Billie decided to to break things so they can keep fixing things. When Billie realised Harry was getting the blame, she owned up and ended up grounded. Toni agreed to stay in when Billie was grounded because Billie said that she enjoyed talking about their mum.


The Dumping Ground