Too Many Crooks
Series 5, Episode 2
Air date 01/01/06
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Too Many Crooks was the second episode of the fifth season of The Story of Tracy Beaker.


The Dumping Ground residents' valuables start going missing, but who is the culprit?


  • This is the second time Lol has sleepwalked.
  • The shooting script available from the BBC's website suggests Chantal was not originally intended to be in this episode. Her lines originally belonged to Roxy and an item belonging to her would have been stolen as opposed to Chantal's locket. The script also has the scene with Wolfie waiting for Lol first and Justine's argument with Rebecca second, whereas in the broadcast episode they are the other way round.
  • Rebecca makes a reference to Peter Andre and Katie Price, or "Jordan" as she was known back in 2005.
  • After Marco talks to Lol about the weather, Lol calls Marco "Michael Fish", who was a weatherman for the BBC.
  • Justine can be seen reading a magazine with an advert for The Mysti Show, a Saturday morning programme that aired on CBBC from 2004-2005.


  • Tracy is credited even though she is not in the episode.