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Tracy Beaker
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Birth Name: Tracy Beaker
Alias(es): The Beaker

Beaker Tracy

Character type: Main (TSOTB season 1-4)

Recurring (season 5 TSOTB) Former (TBR, Goodbye Tracy Beaker)

Gender: Female
Birth Date: 8th May 1991
Age: 10–15 TSOTB

21 TBR 28 Present

Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Skin Colour: Light
Family Carly Beaker, Cam Wilson
Relationships: Carly Beaker (birth mother)
David Beaker (father)
Cam Lawson (adoptive mother)
Gary (former adoptive father)
Seth (ex-boyfriend)
Jess (daughter)
Social Worker: Elaine Boyack (former)
Home: Elm Tree House (formerly)

Stowey House (formerly) Cam's house (formerly)

Occupation: Author (formerly)

Journalist (formerly) Careworker (formerly) Social Worker (formerly)

First Appearance: Tracy Returns to the Dumping Ground
Last Appearance: Goodbye Tracy Beaker
Portrayed by: Dani Harmer

Sarah Chum (stunt) Annabelle Canavan (stunt)

Tracy Beaker (born May 8th 1991[1], Blackburn Royal Hosptial[2]), named after a beaker Jacqueline Wilson found while in the bath,[3],is the main protaganist of the Tracy Beaker franchise of books and television series'. Previously, she was a high-tempered girl in foster care turned into a powerfully independent care-worker at Elm Tree House. Her mother, Carly Beaker, gave birth to her as a teenager. As a child, her mother's boyfriend used to beat her so she was taken to the Dumping Ground for dosmectic viloence. Four years after her foster mum was married to Gary, they divorced and she became a social worker. Currently, she lives with Cam, her adopted mother and occasionally by herself, when her mum is in New York. As of Goodbye Tracy Beaker, she is a former character, due to Dani Harmer not wanting to pursue her career as Tracy Beaker[4]

She is portrayed by Dani Harmer and Sarah Churm in the stage play, Tracy Beaker Gets Real[5].


Early Years (Background)

In her teenage years, 16-year-old Carly Beaker (Tracy's mother) was pregnant with her. Once Tracy was born, her mum left her at home unattended so she could go the pub ad stay out late. Then, her mother got a Boyfriend named Dave, who she calls Monster Gorrila, possibly her father, who used to hit and abuse her alot. Then, she was sent to a care-home and, since she couldn't stay with her mum, began crying and causing tantrums so she was locked up.

After this she was sent to another carehome, where she met this lovely girl named Camilla and met Louise, who became a good friend for her. Then, she was fostered again by Julie and Ted Brown. Everything was fine until they were expecting a baby so she was sent by to the carehome.

Once again, she was fostered, by a woman she called Aunt Peggy.Then, she was taken back to the Dumping Ground, where she meets Justine, a new girl to the place. [6]

Arrival at The Dumping Ground


Tracy arriving at the Dumping Ground

Proir to her being fostered by Ted and Juile, Tracy is being shoved back into the Dumping Ground, as Ted and Juile were having a baby together and Tracy couldn't be trusted with babies, as once she locked one in the cupboard. ("The Story of Tracy Beaker"). So, she was taken to the Dumping Ground.

She later appears in The Story of Tracy Beaker, when Ted and Juile escort her to Stowey House, with she relucantly does. Later on, Jenny seen in the corridor letting her thorough and Tracy is greetted by Mike how pushes her up the stairs. At this point, she unpacks her things in her room, only to see it is the new girl, Justine's room and enters her own room. (Tracy Returns to the Dumping Ground)

Childhood (life in care)

The Books

Tracy beaker cartoon
Tracy has been placed in the DG  because of domestic violence. She has a rivalry with all of the kids at the Dumping Ground, especially Justine Littlewood. She writes an autobiographical/diary. She is always making up lies saying that her mother is a Hollywood filmstar. The social workers at "the Dumping Ground" soon post an ad of Tracy Beaker looking unable to foster in the news. After this, she meets Cam Lawson, a struggling author who writes plenty letters to her. Soon after, she spends at lot of time with Cam ("The Story of Tracy Beaker")

After she agrees to be fostered by Cam, sometime later, she and Cam have several arguments and the stories abut her mum spread around her school. Then one day, her mother turns up out of the blue and she constantly buys her expensive presents. However, she soon lets Tracy down again after she leaves her on her own for hours while she goes to a karaoke club and gets a boyfriend. Meanwhile, Tracy spends time with Alexander and Football in the Abandoned House. Tracy decides to live with Cam permanently afterwards. ("The Dare Game")

When it is Valentine's Day at the Dumping Ground, Tracy has no idea what all the fuss was about, until she gets a Valentine from Peter; his nan's treasured gold locket ("Tracy Beaker's Thumping Heart")

Television Series

Series One


Tracy arriving at the Dumping Ground

In the first series of The Story of Tracy Beaker, at first, Tracy returns to the Dumping Ground (Stowey House) , after being kicked out of Ted and Julie's house because of the new baby arrived and Tracy has a horrible history with babies. Angrily, she packs her things to stay only to see her best friend, Louise being friends with Justine Littlewood. Then, she becomes even more infuriated when Justine has her old bedroom, due to her being away, whilst she was fostered. Instantly, she becomes Justine's worst enemy and breaks, by sneaking into her room, Justine's clock which her dad got for. In an attempt to escape from the Dumping Ground, she meets her new friend, Ben Batambuze, who says that he lives on the streets, they keep on chatting and instantly become friends in the process as they walk along the streets together happily and she is impressed with the large quantitles of chocolate she is given by him.


Tracy talking to Justine about Dares.

At the beginning, Tracy is seen looking at the files, in the office, so she can see her mum's address and has no luck. Tracy storms in Jenny's office to tell her something to get rid of Elaine, but Jenny says she can't contact her mum. Soon after, she and Justine, along with some others play the first ever, Dare Game with some others, which they decide in the the dining room, while having lunch. She finds herself with some horrid dares and even ends up eating a worm so she can win her old bedroom from Justine, who now owns it. Afterward, she became sick and began throwing up a lot. In the end, she then decides her new room is much better and then lets Justine keep it. We also learn that Tracy has a social worker, Elaine Boyack, nicknamed "Elaine The Pain", whom she hates.


Tracy sitting down with Ben to talk.


Cam talking to Louise.

Later on, Tracy meets Cam Lawson, a struggling author, as there is not much activity in the Dumping Ground and Tracy is extremely excited, but is upset when Justine has to dampen her spirits and wears makeup, from Adele, to impress her, with disastrous results. She does this by bribing her. Since she is an author and Tracy loves writing, she wants to make a first good impression on her and ends up having a fight with Justine, as she provoked her, making them embrassed as Cam watches the whole thing. Later in the series Tracy learns that another couple wishes to foster her, but is disappointed 
Tracy in bad peter

Tracy, after being pranked by Peter

to see they are old. On the other hand, Peter likes the look of them. The day out doesn't go well, as Tracy is too lively for Terry and Jill to cope with. However, they like the look of Peter. Tracy overhears Jenny and Mike telling Elaine  that Peter would probably be much better suited with the Browns, and is cross with Peter for ruining her chances. When Peter tells Tracy that he isn't ready to be fostered yet, she persuades him to be bad to put the Browns off. Peter starts pulling some of Tracy's antics, but when he shouts, 'I'm badder than Tracy Beaker!'.

Cam talking to Tracy.


Tracy, Cam and Justine talking to each other.

Tracy becomes increasingly frustrated with Cam, who has still not decided whether or not to foster her. Banned from phoning her, Tracy enlists Ben's help to go to see Cam in person. When they arrive at her flat, Cam is out, so Tracy and Ben rearrange the furniture, play music and eat chocolate. When Cam gets home, she is furious and takes Tracy back. Tracy later apologies for breaking into her flat, and Cam says that she is still considering fostering her.

At the end of the series Cam asks Tracy to move in with her. Tracy agrees, packs straight away and has a lovely goodbye from all the staff and children.

Series Two

Unfortunately, Tracy lands back at the Dumping Ground after setting fire to Cam's kitchen. After this incident, Tracy refuses to talk to Cam, so Elaine resolves to get them talking with a series of role-play and trust exercises. Whilst Elaine briefly leaves the room, Tracy and Cam sneak off and Tracy decides to show Cam what it's like to 'be her', which culminates in a disappearance at the shops to indicate how she felt when Cam left her As the episode ends, their friendship is back on track.

Later in the series, Tracy meets Ben's Aunt and Uncle, Kate and Jasper, who decide that they want to foster her. Tracy is initially ecstatic about this, only to learn that living with Kate and Jasper would mean moving to Scotland - far away from the DG, her best friend Ben and of course, Cam. In the end Tracy decides to go to Scotland, but only for a holiday.

Series Three

Tracy is still living in the DG, but gets worried when new head care worker Shelley Appleton decides to move her to a different care home. To make matters worse, Cam is leaving for New York. Fortunately, after the other kids form an alliance to all leave if Tracy does, Shelley postpones the idea.

Shelley Appleton

Shelly shouting at the kids

She later makes friends with new arrival Jackie Hopper, who makes a dash for the door at every opportunity, whom Tracy convinces to stay at the Dumping Ground for a while.

Series Four
Tracy's movie of me

Tracy blindfolded.

Tracy's back and living with Cam, and just around the corner at the new location of the Dumping Ground is the arrival of the Wellards. They guarantee it won't be a smooth move. But Tracy Beaker's taken back to save the day.  Whilst in the Dumping Ground, it is Bouncer's birthday and he is leaving, Tracy is living with Cam and tries to set straight the situation at the DG.

Tracy decides its time to meet Cam's mom, her adoptive grandmother,

Tracy's adoptive grandmother

Penelope Lawson and, uninspectedly likes her, which she didn't expect at all.Tracy is still living with Cam. Tracy spends the shopping money for things she wants. At first, Tracy wakes up and she is back at the care-home and everyone seems to be singing and not enjoying themselves and suddenly it becomes like the west-end musical, Chicago.  Crash, Jackie and Tracy have a master plan as they take pranks from the nasty Wellards. But Chantal is feeling rather emotional over Jackie's feelings for her. Tracy helps when Bouncer has feelings over careworker Jane.

Tracy is with Cam. Meahwhile, at the Dumping Ground, Hayley's gone to live with Mark and Helen, and Layla is upset. While Elaine is trying to find a perfect foster family for Marco.  Tracy helps when an Inspecter comes to the Dumping Ground and isn't pleased in what he sees at the start. Tracy and Justine tend to be enemies and end up finally meeting up. Tracy helps Jackie overcome some difficulties when she is very emotional when she watches her grandfather die so she is very emotional. Tracy watches as Rio and Crash find something in common. Tracy is still lurking at Cam's, while Duke is interested in a new job, and it's the battle of the both sexes at the DG.-Tracy watches as Duke is interested in a new job, and it's the battle of the both sexes at the DG.

Rebel Without A Clue- Tracy the DG kids have a new care-worker. Could this new care-worker be better than Sid?



Television Series

Series One

Full Circle- 4 years later, she has written an autobiography, however, she used Cam's credit card to publish it and the police soon catch on. She is arrested and interviewed before being locked up, where it was revealed that Cams' marraige with Gary didn't work out, with Tracy stating that they don't talk about him. The reason why is still unknown. She is released when Cam drops the charges, on condition that she pays her back and that she helps write a column for the newspaper. When she returns home, she hears some angry sounding messages from Cam and she runs away from home. She ends up in the Dumping ground and Mike allows her to stay the night. The next day she asks Mike for a job and he lets her become an assistant careworker. However, she does not do a good job, always being late and breaking her promises to the kids. When she is told that she might be fired, she quits and leaves. With the help of the kids, she gets her job back. After that, she has a job filled with excitement almost every day and she becomes closer to the kids, particularly Lily and Toby because of their problems. Some of her adventures as a careworker include her disastrous first night shift at the Dumping Ground, her attempt to get Lily back with Poppy and Rosie and her attempt of finding out about stolen goods in Sapphire's room. In the last episode of the first series, Tracy is offered a job for a newspaper in London and she has to write an article about life in care. Everyone refuses to help at first, but eventually they decide to help her. Tracy is given the job, but she turns it down, saying that she would much rather stay at the Dumping Ground.

In the second series, Tracy learns that the council are going to shut down the Dumping Ground and so she climbs onto the roof and starts a protest. The protest ends in disaster, however, when Lily ends up climbing onto the roof and falling off. As a result the Dumping Ground is briefly blue, but rebeakerised thanks to the news reports about the accident. Mike is almost sacked because of the protest, but he is thankfully let in. Lily is fostered by Cam after the accident, and Tracy starts to feel jealous as it has always just been her and Cam living together. After briefly getting a second job at a cafe to avoid spending time at home, Tracy finally accepts having Lily as a sister and they start to bond even more. After many more adventures at the Dumping Ground, including being made to dress up as a giant sausage with Sapphire and having to be a team leader during a weekend in the countryside, Tracy finally loses Lily as a sister when she decides to live with her dad once again. When Cam leaves for New York, Tracy starts having panic attacks at home, finally resulting in a big one in front of the kids.

In series 3 Tracy deals with cynical Burnywood careworker Dennis Stokle, tries to get shy, Mousy Kitty out of her shell despite being warned of her unpredictable behaviour resulting in Tracy being injured badly, and helping Lily to try and help her to get Rosie and Poppy with their dad, Steve Kettle.In episode 7, Tracy has diffic when she was warned by denis of Kitty's unpreditable behaviour ulty at the Dumping ground when Justine Littlewood returns.Later in the episode,Justine announced that she is getting married with a man called Charlie.(Episode 12).In the final episode of Tracy Beaker returns,Tracy decides to leave DG because she becomes a fully qualified careworker in a different care home. She is replaced with Melanie, who makes Tracy jealous because on Tracy's last day of working at the DG she does everything better than Tracy does including Jody Jackson's life after she has an allergic reaction. Tracy sleeps overnight at the DG then the next morning says goodbye to Mike and leaves for good. Tracy is nice and caring to everyone at the DG.


Physical Appearance

To begin with, in the books Tracy had black curly hair, pale skin and black eyes. Thoroughout the book she is described as small, with Football saying she is tiny and Tracy referrs herself as a 'little titch'. She is shown usually wearing bright red jumper with a short, blue skirt with long dark blue socks and light blue slippers. Her eyes are shown to be small black dots and her black eyebrows curved. In photos, she is shown to have bright red cheeks as well as a short round neck. In the first series of television series, she is shown have brown eyes instead of black eyes and her fashion sense is the same as it was before along her other qualities. As of the second series, her fashion sense changes are she wears more age-appropriate clothes, like boots or leather jackets, as she has become twelve- years old and also her hair is longer as she sometimes decides to wear it in plaits. Then, as of the third series, she keeps her long hair but prefers to wear it curly and continues this til to the end of the television show. In Tracy Beaker Returns, she becomes 5'1" (1.55m)[7] and has longer hair and fairer skin. Even though she is still short and is shown to be shorter than Liam and other teenage Elm Tree House residents. Her fashion sense is varied, but it still the same as she wears leather jackets occasionally with boots but mostly jumpers.


At the first, Tracy has a fierce personality and appears strong and independent, often described as 'tomboy'. She is usually portrayed as extremely tough since in Starring Tracy Beaker she gave Justine a bloody nose by rapidly punching her. As well as this, people tend to fear her because of this. However, in Justine's Telly, she is described, by Jenny, as a '"softie", since she made petition for Justine when she her television stopped working. Once, in a interview, Jacqueline Wilson stated "Tracy is so outrageous. It's great to invent somebody who is far bolder than you would ever be yourself. I do think she's got an excuse for bad behaviour, though, because she's had a really tough life. If Tracy didn't have this total determination to survive and get her own back on people, she would be an extra-specially sad soul."[8] She has an interest in revenge and has often got her back on other people many a time. As revealed in Sufia The Silent, she is a flair for art as she paints a stream, until Micheal ruins it. At the at age of ten, she remained fantastical about mother coming to take her home. Later on, Tracy becomes more mature and nice with. Four years later, Tracy becomes more bubbly and cheerful however her ideas still come off as, what Gina calls, a "Tracy Plan". Also, as she is, at first a little reckless and causes Tee to fall off a tree, showing she is not ready to be a care-worker and is described as "a lousy care-worker". Later on in the series, she is respected and is seen a responsible, mature adult and more emotional.



At the age of ten, writing was a major interest of hers with her writing in a journal every day at express her feelings about her care-home, Elm Tree House. She has always had a flair for writing, usually in the bedroom, whilst being interrupted by Elaine Boyack. When she was younger she expected to be an extremely famous author, perhaps to follow in her mum's footsteps of being famous. She sees Cam as in inspiration ,despite being an struggling author. As revealed in The Dare Game, she wants her book to revolve around her will the title related to her misadventures at her care-home and with Cam Lawson. She often asks Cam for advice about writing and even gives advice for Cam to write. As a child, she was persistent about becoming famous by taking up this profession. Four years after she gets adopted by Cam and Gary she writes a book called: My Life in Care and it is a autobiographical, like she has always dreamed. After this her book becomes wildly popular, but she used Cam's credit card. She also wrote a journal entry on her laptop, when Johnny forces Tee to clean and he falls off the tree


In Justine's Telly, Tracy first displayed in interest in journalism as she wanted to write an article about how Justine was allowed a television in her room but everyone else isn't allowed.  She holds the qualities of a true journalist as she speaks the truth. Once she found out the truth, she campaigned for her to have a television in her room, after her television stopped working.  Then,  she even writes a article so Cam would let her stay at the Dumping Ground.Later on in her life, he is appointed by Mike to write an article about Toby called Bad Luck Boy will her stating that he is jinx, which is what he thought, though Tracy was trying to ironic in the article so people would laugh but then everyone was calling him "Bad Luck Boy" because of this. 


Tracy liking for football was first revealed in The Dare Game, when she sees a boy named Football and skills him up stating that she is 'the best at football', much to Football's dismay and they have a match, in which Tracy wins and then begins bragging about how she won.  Also, she plays a game of football in the episode Football Trial.


Tracy interest in driving was first seen in Good Luck Boy. After a driving test,  Tracy gets her learners permit. So, Cam, her foster mum, is with her in the car helping her to drive. Throughout the episode, Tracy gets increasiley better at it.

Social Life (all in order of first interaction)


Carly Beaker

Main article: Tracy and Carly
42791641 tracy beaker bbc gall

Tracy and her mum reconciling with Cam behind them.

Ever since The Story of Tracy Beaker, Tracy has always admired her mum and thought she would pick her up from the Dumping Ground (Elm Tree House) any second from them, however this never happening. So, Tracy then refuses that her mother will ever come back and is extremely sensitive about her, until Elaine says that she has tracked her down and she comes to visit her ("The Dare Game").  After this, Tracy starts admiring her again as she keeps on giving her presents. Her relationship with her mum instantly affects her relationship with Cam as she finds her mum telling her Cam is only fostering her for her money. ("The Dare Game", "Tracy Beaker's Movie of Me"). Eventually, she stops obsessing over her mum ("Back & Bad"). Also, she begins to hate her and even throws cake at her on her thirtheen birthday. ("Tracy Beaker's Movie of Me").  As she gets older, Tracy doesn't speak to her. 

Tracy's father

Tracy briefly mentions her mum's boyfriend who could be her father. Given that she is a her mum's boyfriend. Tracy is shown to resent him as she used to slap her, which is why she was sent to the Dumping Ground. ("The Story of Tracy Beaker"). However, she rarely metions her father, as he preferrs not to contact her. Perphaps he was her mum's former boyfriend and dumped her or he forced her to do things resulting in the birth of Tracy. 

Ted and Julie


Tracy arriving at the Dumping Ground, with Ted and Julie in the background.

Tracy used to love staying with Ted and Juile, as they were great foster parents and she was certain they were doing stay with her, until her mum came. (The Story of Tracy Beaker). However, due to a new baby arriving Ted and Julie thought that Tracy would be angry as she has a history, with babies (since she locked one in the closet. They are seen in Tracy Returns to the Dumping Ground, dropping her at her the house. However, they didn't drop Tracy at the home in the books but instead she ended up with Aunt Peggy and Uncle Sid.

Aunt Peggy and Uncle Sid

Aunt Peggy and Uncle Sid took care of Tracy for some time. She is shown to resent them, although she harbours no feeling for Uncle Sid. In a dream, she sees Aunt Peggy and the other people she knows hurting her.

Cam Lawson

Main article: Cam and Tracy
Tracy-cam 304x171

Cam and Tracy hugging.

When Tracy first met Cam, she thought of her as an inspiration and tried extremely hard to get her to like her trying to make a good first impression, even wearing makeup, but ends getting in a fight with Justine, her arch-enemy ("The Story of Tracy Beaker", "Cam's First Visit"). After this, Tracy gets interviewed by Cam and is delighted as she going into an article. But, ends up asking Cam to find a mum for her, who doesn't want to keep in contact with her. ("The 1000 Words About Tracy"). At first, Tracy thinks of her as a role model and then begins to think of her as a friend. Soon, Tracy wants Cam to despreately foster her despite the fact she is not ready. ("The Story of Tracy Beaker)", "Tracy and Cam Row", "Romance", "Helpful Tracy", The End!"). However, after a while, she eventually fosters her. ("The Story of Tracy Beaker", "The End!"). Throughout the series', Tracy and Cam have thier ups and downs: Tracy sets her house on fire, Tracy and Cam row. However, they go on a trip to Egypt.  But, their relationship was distrubed by Gary, who later adopted them. In Tracy Beaker Returns, Cam divorces  Gary and Cam gives her advice about being a care-worker ("Full Circle", "Bad Luck Boy"). She then moves to New York.

Ryan Matthews and Zak Matthews

Tracy is the couisin of the twins: Ryan and Zak. Though they don't spend much time together, they appear to be close friends due to the fact that they are related, as revealed in Tracy Returns to the Dumping Ground. They even fix Justine's clock , so Tracy doesn't have to. However, they interact with each other little and it is shown that they sometimes annoy her. Later on, Tracy ends up fighting Justine but Ryan and Zak set up a fight for them.  As they see each other they usually move quickly away  and usually angry ("Tracy Returns to the Dumping Ground", "Big Fight"). After Ryan and Zac leave the Dumping Ground (Stowey House), they probarbly keep in touch, due to them being cousins.



Cam marrying Gary.

Given that, Gary was Cam 's boyfriend, Tracy had to get along with him but can not stand him. However, it is not because he did something wrong but he takes up most of Cam's time. In fact, she even moved to the Dumping Ground again. (Free Piggy). She often thinks of him as a barrier between her and Cam. However, they some how become friends and Tracy is willing to be on good terms with him for Cam. He was Tracy foster father and between 2006-2010, as Cam and Gary were divorced. She mentions at one point that 'we do not speak of him' referring to Gary. (Full Circle).

Penelope Lawson


Tracy first met Penelope Lawson, in the Meet the Parent and thought we was boring as she is Cam's mother so her adoptive grandmother. However, they began to talk and begin to enjoy conversing to each other, given they have so much in common and both know Cam very well so they have a lot to talk about. 

Lily Kettle

B00xjwl6 640 360

Tracy and Lily and Cam on the couch.

 Tracy first thought of Lily as just another one of her kids in care and treated her like everyone else ("Full Circle", Bad Luck Boy"). But, gradually she began to like Lily as much more hanging out with her more often and began to start a good relationship with her. Lily often listens to Tracy telling people that Tracy said something that they shouldn't do, to the kids in care. However, there personalties sometimes clash. Soon, they became foster sisters, in Fallen because Cam wanted to foster her but Tracy became jealous instantly and wanted Cam for herself. She often takes care of Lily and was deveasted when she came to live with her dad but knew it was the right thing to do. Even though they are no longer foster sister she still keeps an eye on her and makes sure she does the right thing. 




Camilla is a young girl, who was fostered in quickly. (The Story of Tracy Beaker). She is close friends with Tracy, as Tracy mentions her in the book.

====Louise Goven====
Tracy talking to louise the long goodbye

Tracy comforting Louise.

At first, Tracy met Louise when she moved to the first moved to the care-home, for domestic violence. Instantly, they become best friends and planned the move out themselves, when older. ("The Story of Tracy Beaker").    However, Tracy was fostered twice with: Ted and Juile, Aunt Peggy. Thoroughout the books, she doesn't find Louise a threat and in fact loves her long golden locks and lovely looks but makes it out like she doesn't like her. Justine mainly affects her relationship with Louise, who sees her as a friend ("The Story of Tracy Beaker", "Tracy Returns to the Dumping Ground", "Justine's Telly", "Sneaking in Ben", "Sleepover") But, Tracy becomes infuriated when Louise leaves Stowey House to be fostered by another family. Louise tries to help on mupilite occasions, unknown to her. ("Sneaking in Ben").

Peter Ingham


Tracy laughing at Peter.

At first, Tracy wanted to have nothing to do with Peter, describing him as 'weedy' and as even more annoyed when she says she is her best friend. However, Peter and Tracy somehow become friends and Tracy states that she misses him. (The Dare Game), along with Justine and Louise. Through the books, Tracy taunts Peter emotionally, despite how nice he is to him. Also, when he gets adopted, by Terry and Jill she seems rather sad about it.

Adele Azupadi


Adele talking to Tracy at her bedsit.

Since she is a teenager, Tracy is seen being extremely clingy with Adele, which sometimes disappoints her ("Cam's First Visit", "Bedsit"). However, Adele admires the fact Tracy is inspired by her. In many scenes, Tracy usually borrows makeup from her. Tracy also loves Adele indepent lifestyle, as seen in Bedsit. However, Tracy and Adele aren't seen thoughout the series 2, since Bedsit.


Tracy mentions Maxy in The Story of Tracy Beaker as a 'messy' boy. They have few interecations throughout the series and somewhat appear as friends.

Ben Batambuze


Tracy and Ben smiling at each other.

Tracy is extremely close friends with Ben, first meeting him in Tracy Returns to the Dumping Ground, thinking he lives on the streets. However, up until The Truth is Relevealed, she was more insterested in his large quailtes of chocolate and his background of living on the streets instead of his character. But, she finds him good to talk to ("Tracy Returns to the Dumping Ground", "Sneaking in Ben", "The Truth is Revealed").

Lol Plakova


Tracy and Lol talking to Elaine, begging to her.

As soon as Tracy met Lol, along with his brother Bouncer, they instantly become friends, in Brothers.  Other than Jackie and Crash, Tracy seems to count on Lol the most often, as Lol almost thinks of her as an alternative for Bouncer. They are shown helping each other alot as they are reffered to as 'best friends'. Tracy even set up a 'Christmas' theme at Stowey House for them. 

Bouncer Plakova

Tracy first meets Bouncer in Back and Bad and though they don't interact with each other much they appear to be friends.

Crash Daniels


Crash looking at Tracy.

Crash has been a close friend of Tracy since they met in Series 3. Tracy and Crash, along with Jackie are known as "The Three Musketeers". Throughout the series, Tracy has been helped by Crash on several occasions. It is also hinted Crash has a crush on Tracy Beaker. (Tracy's Beaker Thumping Heart). Tracy is usually chosen by Crash to do stuff with him.

Jackie Hooper


Jackie Hooper, Tracy best friend.

Since the time Jackie arrived, in Jackie, Tracy and Jackie have been extremely friendly to each other. Throughout the series, she is often seen walking around with her or taking the bus somewhere. Tracy's bond with Jackie is extremely strong. As soon as they met, Tracy has always been supporting her, especially in difficult descions ("Jackie", "Good as Gold"). Both her and Crash, along with Tracy are known as "Three Musketeers", given that they stick to each other, through thick and thin.

Liam O'Donavan


Tracy looking at Liam, suspiciously.

At the start of the series, Tracy meets Liam, when they are both being questioned by the police: Tracy because of Cam's credit card and Liam for a serious offence. Tracy immediately resents Liam, due to the fact that he is very mishevious but, like all the other residents, ends up being extremely close to Tracy, to their suprise. Often Tracy is seen stopping him from one of his schemes ("By The Book", "Anarchy in DG", "Out of Control", "Big Brother"), along with Frank. However, Tracy often helps him make the right descions, regarding his personal life at Elm Tree House.

Carmen Howle


Tracy and Carmen, along with Toby, telling people to be quiet.

Tracy first meets Carmen, proir to her stealing Cam's credit card. She then asks Mike for permission to stay at Elm Tree House for a bit, only for her to be offered a job as a care-worker there. Tracy is oblivious to the fact that Carmen, along with Lily and Tee, think she is a celebrity because of her book, My Life in Care, written by Tracy. However, Carmen still trusts her, despite the fact that she is a minor celebrity and as shown in Viva Carmen supports for judgements on descions because she was unsure whether to stay  with her mum. Simalar to Carly Beaker, Tracy's mum, her mother used to leave her by herself to so she could go to the pub and hang out with boys.

Tee Taylor


Tee on top of a tree, after receiving poor judgement from Tracy

Similar to how the other residents of Elm Tree House met Tracy, Tee met her, thinking she  was a celebrity and was asking her many questions. They officially meet in By the Book. They get along well at the first. Despite this, Tracy manages to interfere with Tee and Johnny's brother-sister bond, when she is angry about the way Johnny treats Tee. But, they seen happier with each other later in the series.

Gus Carmichael


Gus looking at Tracy.

Upon her first day at Elm Tree House, as an assistant care-worker, Gus Carmichael was persistent to make sure that she got a tour of Elm Tree House. Tracy finds it very difficult for Gus to calm down and relax, as he has Austim. However, Tracy realizes that Gus thoroughly respects her, as well as everyone one else because she is a "fun care-worker".

Frank Matthews

Tracy and Frank interact very little during the series but he is usually he is in trouble with Liam

Sapphire Fox

Sapphire-tracy 304x171

Tracy snatching money from Sapphire.

Sapphire and Tracy first met properly in Secrets, when her boyfriend , was giving her presents and Tracy was under the impression that he had stolen them. Although she tries to be a trustworthy social-worker, Sapphire doesn't agree and finds her "nosey". Tracy ulimately finds Sapphire the hardest to trust, as she is fierecly indepent and older than all of the the other Elm Tree House residents. However, later on, she respects Tracy more than usual.

Toby Coleman


Tracy and Toby with paint all over them.

As of Bad Luck Boy, Tracy and Toby had finally meet each other when Toby thinks he has bad luck and talks to him about how he feels about being fostered. Toby usually trusts Tracy and they interact on sereval ocassions.


Tracy appears in every season of the television series and every book, as well as the movie. She appeared in less than half of the series 5 episodes. She also appears in all three series' of Tracy Beaker Returns.