Series 1 of Tracy Beaker Returns aired from 8 January to 26 March 2010. This series consists of 13 episodes.


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No. in Series No. Overall Image Title Airdate
1 1
"Tracy Beaker Superstar" January 8, 2010
Tracy has published her own book about her time in care. Unfortunately, she used Cam's credit card to do that and must now pay her back. Elsewhere at the Dumping Ground, Mike and Gina find they need another care worker.
2 2
"New Life's Eve" January 8, 2010
Tracy runs the risk of being sacked when she continually turns up late and breaks her promises to the kids.
3 3
"Bad Luck Boy" January 15, 2010
Having got stuck on what to write for her column, Tracy decides to write about Toby and how he believes he is jinxed with bad luck. This does not go down well with Toby when he learns Tracy has written about him.
4 4
"By The Book" January 22, 2010
Tracy ends up involved in a conflict between Tee and Johnny.
5 5
"Family Values" January 29, 2010
When Lily and her sisters are fostered, Tracy suggests to Carmen that she play with someone else to stop feeling lonely. However, when no one plays with Carmen, she decides to get revenge.
6 6
"Anarchy in the DG" February 5, 2010
Tracy spends her first night as a care worker at the Dumping Ground. Will she cope?
7 7
"Secrets" February 12, 2010
After fixing Jeff, Tracy sees a box with stolen goods in Sapphire's bedroom and believes she has been shoplifting. Elsewhere, Liam and Frank come across Gus's collection of notebooks and see that he's written something that will land them in trouble.
8 8 "Sisters" February 19, 2010
When Lily is brought back to the Dumping Ground without her sisters, Tracy resolves to reunite them. Can she do this while getting Gus to his orchestra audition on time? Elsewhere, Tee hides a sheep in the Dumping Ground.
9 9
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"Good Luck Boy" February 26, 2010
Toby wins a free family holiday over the phone. Now all he has to do is pretend in front of the company representative that he and the other young people are a proper family, as opposed to residents in a care home.
10 10
"Viva Carmen" March 5, 2010
Carmen's mother, Helen, shows up for Carmen, claiming that she has changed her ways.
11 11
"The Werewolf" March 12, 2010
Carmen claims to have seen a werewolf on the grounds. Is it all her imagination, or is there something (or someone) lurking on the grounds?
12 12
"A Day at the Beach" March 19, 2010
The Dumping Ground residents go on a trip to the beach, but will they ever get there?
13 13
"Moving On" March 26, 2010
Tracy is offered a job as a journalist in London, but to get it she must write an article about children in care. On learning that she will be leaving her job as a carer, however, the kids refuse to help her.