Season 1 of Tracy Beaker Returns aired from 8 January to 26 March 2010. This was the first new series of a Tracy Beaker related programme since 2006. The series shows a now grown-up Tracy getting a job at the Care Home she used to live in and having to balance being a responsible adult against her own experiences of being a kid in care.

Dani Harmer, Lisa Coleman and Connor Byrne reprised their roles from the original series. Elly Brewer, who wrote episodes for the first season of the original series, returned as writer for the new series.


  1. Tracy Beaker Superstar (part 1 of Full Circle)
  2. New Life's Eve (part 2 of Full Circle)
  3. Bad Luck Boy
  4. By The Book
  5. Family Values
  6. Anarchy in the DG
  7. Secrets
  8. Sisters
  9. Good Luck Boy
  10. Viva Carmen
  11. The Werewolf
  12. A Day at The Beach
  13. Moving On


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