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Tracy Returns to the Dumping Ground

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Tracy Returns to the Dumping Ground
Series: The Story of Tracy Beaker
Series Number: Series One
Story Number: 1-1
Kids: Tracy Beaker (introduced)
Justine Littlewood (introduced)
Louise Goven (introduced)
Adele Azupadi (introduced)
Ben Batambuze (intoduced)
Ryan (introduced)
Zac (introduced)
Peter Ingham (introduced)
Maxy (introduced)
Adults: Duke (introduced)
Jenny Edwards (introduced)
Mike Milligan (introduced)
Steve Littlewood (introduced; guest)
Broadcast: 8 July 2002
Format: 1 x 15 minute episode
Prod. Code: 1.1
Following Story: Dares

Tracy Returns to the Dumping Ground, sometimes called Tracy Returns is the first episode of the CBBC program, The Story of Tracy Beaker.


Returning to the Dumping ground after a failed fostering with Ted and Julie, Tracy is appalled to see that her bedroom has been taken by a new girl, Justine. Sneaking into the room Tracy manages to break Justine's clock, and when she hears Justine and her old best friend, Louise, coming she runs away.

Justine is devastated and furious, especially as her Dad gave her the clock and he is coming later. Ryan and Zac promise to fix the clock, but time is running out, will it be mended in time? Tracy meets a boy, Ben, while out, and is impressed by his huge quantities of chocolate.


First appearances of Tracy Beaker, Justine Littlewood, Louise Goven, Adele Azupadi, Ben Batambuze, Ryan, Zac, Peter Ingham, Maxy, Duke, Mike Milligan and Jenny Edwards.


Main character

  • Tracy Beaker

Major characters

  • Justine
  • Louise

Minor characters

  • Adele
  • Ben
  • Ryan
  • Zac
  • Peter
  • Maxy
  • Duke
  • Jenny
  • Mike
  • Steve Littlewood
  • Ted
  • Julie

Mentioned characters

  • Elaine


  • In the scene where Mike and Peter hear Tracy return, Mike tells him to call "International Rescue" if he does not return. This is a reference to the puppet tv show Thunderbirds, which featured an organisation named "International Rescue".


  • When Tracy meets Ben, he gives his surname as "Batambu". A few episodes later, his surname will be given as "Batambuze".
  • Steve Littlewood wasn't credited on the cast.

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