I didn't know Tracy Beaker was coming back!

Ryan, to Zac

"Tracy Returns to the Dumping Ground" (also known as "Tracy Returns") is the 1st episode in Series 1 of The Story of Tracy Beaker and the 1st episode overall. It aired on January 8, 2002. It is the premiere of Series 1 and The Story of Tracy Beaker.


Tracy ends up returning to the Dumping Ground following her foster parents' returning her there and finds her old room has been given to a new girl called Justine Littlewood, who ends up becoming Tracy's arch-nemesis.





Cultural References

  • In the scene where Mike and Peter hear Tracy return, Mike tells him to call "International Rescue" if he does not return. This is a reference to the puppet TV show Thunderbirds, which featured an organisation named "International Rescue".

Production Errors

  • Stephen Lloyd-Crossley is not on the cast list despite being in the episode.