Tracy and Cam Row
Series 01, Episode 13
Director Unknown
Writer Unknown
Air Date 26 August 2002
Previous Justine's Telly
Next Sleepover

Tracy and Cam Row is the thirteenth episode of the first series of the CBBC series "Story of Tracy Beaker" which was first broadcast on 26 August 2002.


Tracy is becoming increasingly frustrated with Cam, who has still not decided whether or not to foster her. Banned from phoning her, Tracy enlists Ben's help to go to see Cam in person. When they arrive at her flat, Cam is out, so Tracy and Ben rearrange the furniture, play music and eat chocolate. When Cam gets home, she is furious and takes Tracy back. Tracy later apologises for breaking into her flat, and Cam says that she is still considering fostering her.

Meanwhile, Justine and Louise persuade Jenny to let them wash her car, for £5. Jenny agrees, only to the outrage of Zac and Ryan, who had the same idea. In revenge, Ryan and Zac jam the outdoor water tap and then when Justine and Louise try to turn it off, Maxy smears the car in more dirt. When Cam arrives, Justine and Louise offer to clean her car as well, but Cam refuses as she hates having a clean car.

In revenge, Justine and Louise persuade Ryan and Zac to wash Cam's car. They wash the car, and are furious when Cam doesn't pay them, causing all of them (and Tracy) to get into a soaking match.

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