Adele has two boyfriends at the same time; Jamie and Derek, but when Adele's mobile is being repaired everyone is sick of answering the phone and giving messages to her, but they soon realise that each boy offers a range of goodies for them all:#


- Jamie writes for a magazine, meaning free posters, cd's and tickets

- Derek works at the cinema, meaning they get to watch films for free, with free popcorn and sweets

Soon leading to a battle between Team Derek (Louise, Bouncer and Dolly) and Team Jamie (Justine, Amber and Lol), each trying to get Adele to dump the other boy

Adele asks Tracy to help with Derek and Jamie, and Tracy does so with the demand of a week's worth of chocolate and a bracelet Jamie bought Adele Meanwhile its Ben's birthday, but his parents had to leave after a last minute call from work

Back at the dumping ground each team tries to big up the boys by creating perfect dates and giving presents, but the other team tries to sabotage the others

By the end though Adele is found out to be a cheat after both Derek and Jamie walk in on Adele shouting at everyone else about how she 'will make up her own mind between Jamie and Derek', and is dumped by both boys

The rest of the kids feel bad for interfering and set up a dinner for Adele, and order a pizza for her, where she then falls in love with the pizza delivery guy, they also buy Ben a pizza and shout 'Happy Birthday!'