Well Hard is the first episode in the 4th series of The Story of Tracy Beaker


Tracy has gone to live with a is near the location for Cliffside the care home, where all of her friends are moving. Tracy is bored and Cam is working on a acticle.

Mean while Elaine arrives with some new residents, Roxy, Rio and Chantal Wellard. Who quickly make an uneasy start. Rio puts paint in front of the door causing Sid to step in it. Roxy flushes one of Hayley's doll down the loo. Chantal starts a fight with eggs with Marco.

This causes all of the kids(exluding Crash) in the jungle gym. They all go to Tracy's and tells them about the Wellards. Crash is outside and the Wellards tormet him. Tracy arrives with all of her friends. It's payback time