What You Don't Know
Series 2, Episode 7
Air date 11/02/2011
Written by Emma Reeves
Directed by Craig Lines
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What You Don't Know was the seventh episode of the second season of Tracy Beaker Returns. It was broadcast at 17:00 on the CBBC Channel on 11/02/2011.


Johnny and Tee return from a weekend visit with a foster family, hopeful that they will finally be able to leave the Dumping Ground. However, while visiting the Watsons, Mike learns that the family only wants Tee and not Johnny. Tracy decides that the best course of action is to claim the Watsons did not want to foster them. Unfortunately, Elektra hears Tracy telling Seth that she lied and Johnny soon learns the truth.


Tracy has baked a cake to celebrate Tee and Johnny's return from a trial foster placement. She asks Seth and Toby, who are painting models to leave as she needs the kitchen table for the cake. Seth expresses his skepticism to Tracy, saying that he thinks the trial foster placement is just setting them up for failure.

Seth and Toby leave, and Tracy is accused of being in love with Seth by Carmen and Lily, based on how Tracy has been wearing a particular top the last few times Seth has visited, which Gus backs up. Tee and Johnny then return from the trial fostering.

In the living room, Tee and Johnny tell the others about Watsons, including their daughter Hannah as well as how well the trial fostering went. Elektra rubbishes the idea that a posh family would want to foster Tee and Johnny, but Johnny brushes her off. Meanwhile, Mike is at the Watsons and learns from the parents that while the family got along with Tee, they found Johnny's personality to be "dominant" and have come to the conclusion that they would like to foster Tee, but not Johnny. Mike tells the Watsons to reconsider, but the parents are adamant about their decision.

Back at the DG, Gina and Tracy learn what the Watsons said from Mike and are not happy. Mike asks Tracy what she would like to be told if she was in Johnny's position (and has been numerous times when she was still in care). Tracy decides to lie to the siblings.

Upstairs in Johnny's bedroom, Tracy and Mike speak to Johnny and Tee and tell them that while the Watsons liked having them, they are not ready to foster them. Tee returns to her bedroom to unpack. Tracy tries to tell Johnny that the care workers are there for him, but Johnny insists that he is fine. After Mike and Tracy leave, however, Johnny hurls his bag onto the ground and slumps onto the bed.

Outside, Tracy goes to hang up some sheets. Seth comes outside as well and Tracy confesses to him that she lied to Johnny and Tee. Seth then notices a pair of blue shoes underneath one of the sheets and pulls it back. Elektra was standing behind the sheet. She asks the care workers if they need help. They tell her that they do not and she returns to the house.

Back inside, Elektra finds Johnny and hints that the Watsons did not refuse to foster Tee and Johnny simply due to the trial “not working out” and that they must have done something wrong. Johnny then goes to Tee’s room and tells her to think why the Watsons would not want to foster them. Tee has an idea as to why and shows Johnny a bracelet that Hannah leant her that Tee did not return. Johnny then bites off Tee’s head, saying it cost them their foster placement.

Seth and Toby exit Toby’s bedroom. The pair are discussing the cape of Axeblood the sorceror (one of the characters from the series of models Toby and Seth were playing with). Toby says that it was purple, while Seth says it was blue when he was a boy. Toby goes to get a back issue of a magazine to verify Seth’s claim. While Toby is gone, Seth hears Tee crying and finds her in the toy cupboard. She tells him why (thinking she was the reason why they did not get fostered). Seth reassures Tee, telling her that it was not because of her.

Tee (having dried her tears) goes to find Johnny in the dining room and she tells him that it was not her fault. Johnny says there has to be a reason, but Tracy (who is in the dining room as well) tells them that there is no reason. Johnny asks Tracy if she would tell them if there is a reason. Tracy says that she would, but crosses her fingers behind her back as she is lying.

Johnny goes to find Elektra and tells him that she is right about the staff hiding something, but still does not know the real reason why the Watsons did not want to foster him and Tee, and that the staff are never going to tell him. Elektra, however has a plan. She goes to the office and while Mike and Gina are distracted looking at paperwork, unlocks a window and says that Liamade is being brewed in the attic. Mike and Gina go to the attic to investigate and lock the door to the office. Johnny enters through a window and unlocks the door to let Elektra back in.

In the attic, Gina tells off Liam and Frank, saying their drink could have blown a hole in the roof. Liam, however, says that the recipe has been changed so that it no longer explodes (and we also see that the drink is now blue in colour instead of red). Mike tastes the new Liamade and gets Gina to try it as well. They both like the taste and Mike decides that since it is so nice, they will take the Liamade to the kitchen where everyone will be able to drink it!

Back in the office, Johnny takes his file from Elektra, who decides to have a look at her own file and crumples a sheet of paper. Johnny then sees the real reason why he and Tee were rejected, drops the file, walks out of the office ignoring Elektra, picks up a plant and hurls it, smashing the flowerpot. Lily and Carmen find Johnny and try to reassure him that there will be other foster families. They hear Mike, Gina, Liam and Frank coming down the stairs and scarper. Gina then sees that the plant has been smashed and laments over this. Elsewhere, hearing the others return, Elektra stuffs the files back in the cabinet and escapes through the window.

Mike, Liam and Frank arrive in the kitchen and start putting away the Liamade. Elektra enters the room and Liam asks her why she snitched. Elektra denies snitching and Mike backs her up.

Upstairs in Tee’s bedroom, Johnny, Lily and Carmen convince Tee to be fostered without him, similar to how Lily was separated from her siblings. Tee is not happy with the idea, but Johnny gets her to agree to it.

Later in the office, Johnny tells Mike and Gina that he wants Tee to be fostered by the Watsons and reveals to the care workers that he read his file.

Later, Johnny is with Tee in her room. Tee is packing her belongings. Tracy enters and tries to have a word with Johnny and Tee, citing that she is different from Mike and Gina. Johnny, however, says that she is no better than them for lying, revealing that he knows Tracy told Seth about the fact she lied, and asks her to leave.

Tracy finds Seth with Toby painting models again. Tracy makes Toby leave and tells off Seth for revealing that she lied. Seth denies this, but admits he did say something to Tee. Tracy says that Tee will now be leaving with the Watsons, which Seth counters is for the best. Tracy however, has concluded that she was an idiot to trust Seth, who then goes to find Toby. Tracy takes a seat and the bottles of Liamade explode, soaking her.

Later, the Watsons arrive to take Tee to their home where they give her a welcome home party.

A few days later, Tee rings up Johnny, informing him that she will be switching schools (to Hannah’s), much to Johnny’s surprise. Mr Watson and Hannah enter the living room where Mr Watson has Tee say goodbye and sends her to play basketball with Hannah. Mr Watson then speaks to Johnny over the phone and tells him to stop ringing Tee to help her feel settled. Johnny agrees to this, but after he hangs up he whacks the pool balls in anger.

A few days after this, Tee rings up Tracy, telling her that she is going bowling that night. Tee also tells Tracy that Johnny has not been answering her phone calls.

Tracy finds Johnny in his bedroom to tell him that they are going bowling that night and takes his phone off him. She discovers that Johnny has missed 29 calls from Tee. Johnny says it is to give Tee space, but after being told to stop punishing himself, he admits that Mr Watson told him.

At the bowling alley, everyone comes across Tee with the Watsons. Tee is happy to see her old friends, but asks where Johnny is. Liam says that he was right behind them and goes off to the lane where they will be playing. Tee goes to look for Johnny, but Hannah tries to stop her, saying that Johnny does not care for her because he does not answer her calls and will not talk to her. Tracy, however, gets Mr Watson to admit that he told Johnny not to make anymore calls. Tee has an outburst about everyone deciding what is best for her without her getting a say and storms off to find Johnny.

Tee does indeed find Johnny and tells him that she hates living at the Watsons. Johnny, however, sees right through her and claims that he does not need her. Tee sees right through that as well. Neither of the siblings can stand to live apart from each other and it is decided that Tee will return to Elm Tree House.

On the same day Tee returns, Seth pays Toby a visit and gives him a vintage Axeblood the sorceror with a blue cape. Toby goes to put the model somewhere safe and Seth tells Tracy that he is leaving social work and will instead be touring with his band, believing that he was doing the wrong thing being a careworker (saying that he was “looking backwards”) and says that his music would be better as it speaks about life in care. He offers Tracy a chance to travel with him. She kisses him, but declines, deciding to stay at Elm Tree House.


  • Elektra is added to the opening titles.
  • The episode takes its title from the phrase "What you don't know, won't harm you" which, as the episode shows, is far from being true.
  • This episode features the second time someone accidentally calls Mike "Mulligan", in this case, Mr Watson.
  • This is the second time bowling is mentioned, but the only occasion in Tracy Beaker Returns we saw the kids at a bowling alley.


  • When Mike and Gina go to the attic, Mike takes a set of keys and locks the door behind him. Johnny then unlocks it by sliding the lock above the door lock. In reality, Johnny would have needed another key to unlock the door from inside.
  • When Elektra is looking at her file, she takes out a sheet of paper and places it on top of the file. When the camera cuts angles, she is holding the paper above the file and then puts the paper on the file again.
  • When Tracy gets soaked in Liamade, her facial expression shifts suddenly and a few of her hairs jump position when the camera cuts from the wide angle to the close up.
  • Jessica Revell (Elektra) goes uncredited.
  • In Series 1 Episode 12 A Day at the Beach, the mini-bus does not work due to Johnny filling it with diesel. So how did the kids go bowling?
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